In Center Tution

At our centre we provide tuition to children ages 5 upwards. Our tutors are professionally trained and have many years of experience. Each child is given a free assessment that helps the tutor to identify the level they work on in order to achieve their maximum potential. We have tailor made the programme to suit the needs of your child.

At the centre we have a group of 5 students who work with their tutor. From our experience we have found that this provides a perfect balance to working effectively with all the children. Due to a small number of students present in each group our tutors are able to provide individual support whilst encouraging your child to become a self-learner. Our tutors provide all the relevant resources and guidance to the children which help them to progress at their own pace.

At the centre we deliver courses to students of all the Key stages, GCSE and 11 plus.


Here are the things that make us different from others

Qualified Staff
Guaranteed results

High student achievement through regular revision and challenging homework.

DBS checked
National curriculum

Courses co-ordinated to the National Curriculum.

National curriculum

We invest heavily in resources, course materials, facilities and tutor training to provide the best possible tutoring for your child.

Ofsted Registered
Safe and secure

We provide a safe and secure environment for all our students. Our tutors have enhanced DBS checks.

Qualified Staff
Regular feedback

At QS Learning, we believe that regular interaction with the parents is the best way to ensure that our students achieve to the best of their ability. Therefore, we carry our formal and informal meetings regularly.

DBS checked

We try our best to provide as much flexibility as possible in providing our services to you.

National curriculum
Open all year

QS Learning is open throughout the year. We remain open on Bank holidays, Half term as well as Summer holidays.

OUR Courses

All our specialist courses are available in our centre or online. Each course is designed to meet the individual needs of the child.

Maths Tuition

English Tuition

Science Tuition

11 Plus Tuition/Entrance exams

Our programmes

QS Learning offers a wide range of learning programmes following the national curriculum to ensure that your child’s needs are catered for. We are proud in presenting our KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and A-level programmes. We cover Maths and English at KS1 and KS2 and offer Science as an additional subject for KS3, GCSE and A-level students.

The QS Learning system has been successfully developed through constant improvement and we ensure that we are able to equip the students with the best possible knowledge and skills required to succeed academically. Our programmes have been developed by our dedicated curriculum developers who understand the importance of teaching and learning. At QS Learning we cater for the child’s individual needs. This ensures that the child progresses whilst they are on the QS Learning programme.

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Who do we tutor?

We work with all students from Reception to A-levels.

Our personalised programme

We carry out an initial assessment to identify the level each student will be working on. We devise the teaching materials for each individual student which ensures that the students are supported in the right way.

Regular weekly sessions

Each student who enrols with QS Learning will attend a minimum of 2 hours of tuition each week. Number of hours will vary depending on the courses.

Total flexibility

At QS Learning we are proud to work with each family catering for their needs. We are totally flexible in every aspect of our service.

WE trusT our customers and they trust us too

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