Invest on the child future

AT QS Learning we are committed to providing you the best quality of tutoring services at the most competitive prices. We offer a lot different types of financial support. Please visit the financial support section for more information.

In-Centre Tuition

Group Tution

From £140 /Month

2 hours weekly sessions

Online Tuition

Group Tution

From £140/Month

2 hours weekly sessions

1-2-1 Tuition

From £32.50 /Hour

1 hour sessions

Depending on the course you choose, your child will attend 1 hour Maths and 1 hour English session each week.

A one off £30 registration fee is payable on all courses

Please e-mail us or call us to discuss further details.

How we can help

Who do we tutor?

We work with all students from Reception to A-levels.

Our personalised programme

We carry out an initial assessment to identify the level each student will be working on. We devise the teaching materials for each individual student which ensures that the students are supported in the right way.

Regular weekly sessions

Each student who enrols with QS Learning will attend a minimum of 2 hours of tuition each week. Number of hours will vary depending on the courses.

Total flexibility

At QS Learning we are proud to work with each family catering for their needs. We are totally flexible in every aspect of our service.

WE trusT our customers and they trust us too

If you think your child needs help Book a free assessment