Maths Tuition

Maths is one of the most important subjects used to form the core part of our academic and practical life. We understand that Maths is not an easy subject for everyone, and so at QS Learning we ensure that our teaching is structured in a way that it will ensure that your child becomes confident in Maths. Those excelling at school are challenged further and children who previously struggled are given the time and opportunity to fully understand and master skills. Study is set according to ability, regardless of their age or school year, making it the obvious choice for any student wanting to excel in Maths.

Our learning programmes are fully designed according to the National Curriculum. Below are the areas what we cover in the key stages.

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Key Stage 1

  • Number & Place Value
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Graph, Pictogram, Statistics
  • Geometery & Measure
  • Fractions
  • SATs Paper
  • …… and much more

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Key Stage 2

  • Number & Place Value
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Multiplication & division
  • Decimals
  • Data Handling, Statistics, Graphs
  • Geometry & Measuring
  • Angles
  • Coordinates
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Fractions
  • …… and much more

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Key Stage 3

  • Numbers
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Angles & Geometry
  • Area & Parameter
  • Coordinates &Bearing
  • Fractions
  • Ratio &Proportion
  • ……………… and much more

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  • We cover all exam board specifications at both the foundation and the higher levels.

My child is iN


  • We cover all exam board specifications at A-level.
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How we can help

Who do we tutor?

We work with any student who is in reception to A-levels. We also offer English language courses for Adults.

Our personalised programme

We carry out the initial assemmsnt to identify which level each student will be working on. We then devise the teaching material for each individual student which ensures that the students is supported in the right way. Personalised programme- Individual courses to cater for your child’s needs

Regular weekly sessions

Each student who enrols with QS Learning will attend 2 hours of tuition each week.

Total flexibility

At QS Learning we are proud to work with each family catering for their needs as necessary. We are totally flexible in every aspect of our services. .

WE trusT our customers and they trust us too

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